MCM - Media Center Manager is a simple one stop solution for Public Media Centers that offers an integrated environment for resource reservation, class registration, membership management, email marketing, online store and many other functions. The Public Access Media industry has become increasingly keen on taking advantage of highly efficient web automation technology where real time access for the member community enables better engagement and higher efficiency. Public Access Media Centers in various parts of the United States have been using a diverse range of tools from simple worksheets, desktop programs to some open source web programs. But we realized that the industry was not really getting what it was seeking and was also in a need for a solution that would be backed by technical support and continuous improvement programs. 

Our association with CreaTV, San Jose, during the initial product development helped us understand the operational needs of Public Access Media Centers and observe the information flow at close quarters. Our technical expertise in building web solutions helped us to translate these needs into deliverables that are now reflected in MCM - Media Center Manager. Our beta program with a few more Access Media Centers helped us to extend the capabilities further. Now, we have a great solution platform that could really make a big difference in how the Management, Staff and Members could use the resources of Public Access Media Centers in more effective ways. From volunteer or membership management to equipment reservations–MCM makes Media access center management much more organized and simple. What's more, it's easy-to-use and cost-effective.

MCM can be added to the existing website of Public Access Media Centers to offer a seamless environment to the user community. Or it could be accessed on our web site, as an external portal. Members, staff and management can do their job on one integrated platform with real time results. Media Center Management just got smarter!

MCM - Media Center Manager is brought to you by Creative Mileage, a Silicon Valley based web application company offering a range of SaaS (software as a service) products and related web services.

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