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There is absolutely no limit to how many staff, administrators, or members that can access MCM at one time. Any individual with a login username and password can easily make transactions, place requests, and so much more, all simultaneously with other individuals.
Yes, MCM will work with any major internet browser including Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
We recommend that staff and administrators have access to Microsoft Excel for reporting. Besides that, most major internet browsers are sufficient.
Members who do not have a computer at home can continue to interact with your media center the same as before, either by person, or by phone. Staff will capture all their requests into MCM onsite under their member account. Please note, any member can also can access MCM from any place that has an internet connection, such as a public library or cafe, to meet all their media center needs, at any time of the day.
No! It’s absolutely up to the member. MCM is an online application which allows anyone, with an internet connection, to access many of the resources that a media center offers at any time of the day
Yes. MCM interface can seamlessly be displayed on any existing website with our i-Frame codes.  Members who login will see the MCM interface as a part of the website. We can change the color palette of the MCM interface to be similar to the website for a more seamless expereince. The other option would be to just add MCM links (registration, login etc.) to your website without having to embed the i-Frame codes. In this case, a click on these links will take the User to the MCM portal outside
Absolutely! They will have to make both of these payments to media center staff, either by phone or in person, but their MCM profile will be updated automatically and they can resume normal media center activities right away.
Yes. Staff and administrators have full access to detailed reports on any transactions. These can either be viewed online or printed, depending on the need
Like most merchants who accept credit cards, MCM must abide by the laws of the PCI (Payment Card Industry). MCM is fully PCI compliant with all credit cards transactions, fully encrypted, so that the transaction itself is completely secure.
The MCM servers are located in a highly secure commercial data center and are behind an industrial strength firewall.

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