Smart Reservation system
  • Easy reservation process flow with cart system
  • Partial and late returns with configurable late Fee
  • Admin notes to mark damaged assets on return
  • Option for multiple check in/out dates on single reservation
  • Barcode scan to check in/out assets quickly
  • Auto generated list of Frequently Reserved Items
  • Reservation extension with ability to add items
Video Upload for Program Submission
  • Online video upload with program submission
  • File Transfer Disruption Management
  • Quality Control (Media Format, Codec, Frame Rate and Size, File size, no. of files)
  • Online video review and approval / rejection
  • Feedback System to communicate with Producers
Membership Management
  • Easy Membership Renewals
  • Membership Upgrades
  • Profile Management with no staff intervention
  • Active and Archive members
  • Central Transaction Records for all members
  • Individual and Group Memberships
  • Preferred Asset Reservation
  • Notifications and real-time member account updates
Courses and certifications
  • Courses as single occurrence or recurrence
  • Repeat with variation for courses without any pattern
  • Courses with prerequisite certifications and preliminary courses
  • Multilevel pricing and discount management
  • Pictorial Grid, Calendar and List views
Mass Mailing
  • Simple template system
  • Works for both members and non-members
  • Multi-filter recipient management
  • Synchronization with Bulletin Board messages
Dashboard for Daily Operations Management
  • Snapshot of various facets of operation
  • Configurable Content to show / hide sections
  • Options for quick action
  • Quick mail messages to members on membership
Crew Connect
  • Post available crew opportunities; publicize by mass mail
  • Members can apply for available volunteer positions
  • Producers review, accept and assign crew members to teams
  • Project Team members communicate on projects
  • Members can set preferences for receiving volunteer opportunities
  • Volunteer Hour manager tracks the work schedule of volunteers
Multi-location reservation system
  • Operation hours by location
  • Reservation based on individual location
  • Multi location storage facility
  • Crew connection for multi location
  • Program Submission and Upload video for multi location
  • Courses for multi location
  • Transaction Management for multi location

Greater Flexibility, More Convenience

Media Center Managers offers features that make task easier and simple enabling staff to save time and effort.If you are looking for a more streamlined operations that offers flexibility and convenience, MCM is your best choice.

Custom settings for better administration
  • Operation hours and holidays by location and projects
  • Auto approvalsfor class registrations, membership upgrades, etc.
  • Policies for reservations, courses, program submissions etc.
  • Settings for Type of Membership, charges, discounts, etc.
  • Configurable fields for program submission, video formats, etc.
  • Notification email customization for project, reservation, program etc
Automated payment management
  • Online payments for membership, reservations, classes, purchases and donations
  • Payments through payment gateways - PayPal, and Square
  • Central transaction page for accounting
  • Account balance for members
Reports for Management Perspective
  • Real-time reports on members and their activities
  • Detailed reports on all reservations, classes, certifications, equipment, etc.
  • Full activity reports on individual members
  • Detailed reports on assets and facilities utilization
  • Download / print CSV for any report using several filtering options
  • Reports with charts and graphs

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